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Training for Medical Professionals

Anasayfa Training for Medical Professionals

Training for Medical Professionals

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Medical Aesthetics Treatment Course

by NATURABELLA Academy of Medical Aesthetics

Harbiye Mah, Abdi İpekçi Cad., No: 31/2 34367 Nişantaşı, İstanbul

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Live Training courses for physIcIans in medical aesthetics giving you everything you need to know about neuromodulators, dermal injectable fillers and mesotherapy.

We invite you, our esteemed colleagues, to join us in this live 1ON1 Tranining Sesson Which will definitely

Build Your Confidence

Throughout the years, we have gained considerable experience in Medical Aesthetics especially with fillers, toxins and also patient satisfaction. It has been our motto to find the best tailored approach for each patient with an exquisite touch for detail in upper, mid and lower face treatments.

Naturabella has been a distinguished trademark in Medical Aesthetics in Nisantasi, Istanbul since 2004 at its original upscale and trendy location.

We would like to take our colleagues from all over the world on a medical aesthetics journey by our American trained medical staff during your training in Naturabella.

Visit Us In Naturabella For A Better Career Future In Medical Aesthetics.

We believe that furthering your education is the key to success. So we offer extensive two-day course with major emphasis on facial aesthetics anatomy, reconstitution, application and maintenance of botulinum toxin; all about dermal fillers and injection techniques; latest aesthetic trends from best key opinion leaders in the aesthetic world, how to manage and cope with complications, especially with the newest concept of aesthetic radiology, and mesotherapy.

During the live course, we will be handing out specifically designed concise, eye opening booklet with all the info you need on your quest for beauty in medical aesthetics along with powerpoint presentations for each section created by our United States trained medical aesthetics physician instructors and injectors.

DAY 1-

What is our goal in medical aesthetics?

Assessment of the patient’s face, priorities, patient education Pathophysiology of aging, facial landmarks, skin changes, formation of jowls and volume loss Powerpoint presentations on aesthetic anatomy, physiology, facial compartments, topography, retaining ligaments and SMAS, facial nerves, related arterial and venous vascular anatomy, lip anatomy, facial muscles.

Extensive slide lectures on botulinum toxin preparation, dosage, applications, on label and off label toxin treatments, practical hints, treating crows feet, 11 lines, barcode lines, frontal wrinkles, avoiding eyelid drop, raising the eyebrow tail, lifting the nose tip,gummy smile treatment, masseter thinning, hyperhidrosis treatment.Dermal fillers, concept of safe injection, dynamic fillers, rheology, temple, tear trough, nasolabial fold, lateral cheek, chin fillers, jawline definition, liquid rhinoplasty, lip augmentation techniques, cannula vs needle,Complications, management, usage of ultrasound, vascular occlusion,Photography and documentation.

DAY 2-
Hands-on toxin, dermal filler treatments, mesotherapy. Improving patient safety and satisfacton by one on one, hands on training on live models.



Program Directors: N. Ibrahimoglu, MD and B. Erdogan,MD

Place: Naturabella Academy of Medical Aesthetics

09:00Our mission, goals and trends in medical aesthetics
10:00Medical Aesthetics Anatomy
11:00Treatment planning according to holistic approach
13:00Neuromodulator (toxin) preparation, application, and management
14:00Dermal fillers, injection techniques, dinamic fillers
15:00Complications, management, usage of ultrasound and aesthetic radiology in vascular and tissue compromise
16:00Fundamentals of Mesotherapy
17:00Day 1 meeting close


09:00Live hands-on demo of toxin reconstitution,application, treatments and mesotherapy on live models
13:00Live models Upper face dermal fillers
15:00Live models Lower face dermal fillers
17:00Day 2 meeting close 13:00 Neuromodulator (toxin) preparation, application, and management

Our 2-day foundation toxin, dermal fillers and mesotherapy course will equip you with the knowledge and skill to carry out the most commonly requested facial aesthetic inectable treatments.Attendees will recieve a concise, medical aesthetics oriented physician tailored booklet and a certificate of completion showcasing their achievements. All included price 1000USD. Spots can be booked on a first-come, first served basis; e-mail us or DM us on instagram.

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Harbiye Mah, Abdi İpekçi Cad., No: 31/2 34367 Nişantaşı, İstanbul


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