Naturabella Clinic Personal Data Protection
Naturabella Clinic will not share your personal data with third parties within the framework
of legal regulations and without your express consent. However, we may work with service
providers to process or store your personal data. In this case, we sign confidentiality
agreements with these service providers in order to take the necessary confidentiality
measures and ensure the security of the data.
It is important to ensure the accuracy of personal data. As Naturabella Clinic, we take all
necessary measures to ensure that the personal data we collect is correct, up-to-date and
complete. You also have the right to request the deletion or rectification of your
personal data.
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5. Cookies
As Naturabella Clinic, we attach great importance to the privacy and security of the
personal data of our valued customers. Therefore, we adopt the policies described
below in order to fully comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law
The Naturabella Clinic website ( is designed to improve your user experience and drive
site traffic.
1. Personal Data Collection and Use
may use cookies for analysis. You can set your preferences for accepting or rejecting
cookies in your browser settings.
As Naturabella Clinic, we may need to collect certain information such as your
name, contact information and other personal data when you visit our website (
or use our services. This information will be used to provide services to you, to process your
appointment requests, to answer your questions or to provide you with any other support
you may need.
2. Storage and Protection of Personal Data
Data Controller
Naturabella Clinic protects the personal data it collects with necessary security measures.
Appropriate technical and administrative measures are taken to protect this data against
unauthorized access, loss, theft, manipulation or other misuse.
Naturabella Clinic is the data controller responsible for the processing of your personal data. Your
personal data will be collected, used and shared only with your express consent or where
permitted by law, except where permitted or required by law.
2. Communication: We may use your personal data to send you information about our services,
to send you appointment reminders or to respond to your requests.
3. Improvement: We may analyze your personal data in order to improve our services, improve
customer experience and meet your requests.
Collection and Use of Personal Data
Naturabella Clinic may collect and use your personal data for the following purposes:
If you have any questions or doubts about KVKK, you can reach Naturabella Clinic from the
contact information: